Looking for a Pet Sitter?

Looking for a Pet Sitter?

Your search ends with Precious Pets Petsitting

If your pet is the ultimate homebody, they might not enjoy a night away from home with other animals. Precious Pets Petsitting has a solution for you. We offer pet sitting services to take care of your pet at home. We can stop by every day of the week while you’re at work or take good care of them while you’re out of town.

To sign up your pet for this service, you’ll want to schedule an interview with us so we can learn about your pet and any special needs they may have. We can take care of your dogs, cats, exotic animals – even horses.

Call 406-647-6751 now to book an in-home pet sitting service.

4 good reasons to hire a pet sitter

When leaving your pet alone at home alone isn’t an option, consider hiring a pet sitter. Here are a few reasons to let us take care of your pet at home:

  1. Your pet becomes anxious when they are away from home
  2. You want your pet to socialize when you’re not there
  3. You want to ensure the health and safety of your pet when you’re away
  4. You want peace of mind about your pet’s well-being

When you hire Precious Pets Petsitting, you’ll know that your pet is in good hands.