Every Good Boy Deserves a Nice, Long Walk

Every Good Boy Deserves a Nice, Long Walk

Make sure your dog gets the exercise he needs, even when you’re away

Taking your dog for regular walks requires a certain amount of time and energy, but it’s absolutely necessary for the wellbeing of your furry friend. Precious Pets Petsitting can get your dog outside more often. We can take your dog on up to three walks per day as many times as you want, every week. Payment for our dog walking service is due at the beginning of each week. We do not refund for cancellations, but the fees will roll over to your next service.

Contact us at 406-647-6751 to schedule regular dog walking services for your dog.

Does your dog need to get out more often?

If you can’t get home often enough to take your dog on regular walks, Precious Pets Petsitting can do it for you. We charge a once-a-week travel fee for Briarwood, Park City and Lockwood. Here are our rates:

One one-hour walk per day

Two one-hour walks per day

Three one-hour walks per day

Rely on Precious Pets Petsitting to walk your dog when you can’t.