Dog Walking

$20.00 for 1 walk per week
$40.00 for 2 walks per week
$50.00 for 3 walks per week

Payment billing due at the beginning of each week. No refunds on cancellations – Fees will be carried forward.
There is a once a week travel fee for Briarwood, Park City and Lockwood.

A tired dog is a happy dog! Being walked releases pent up energy, anxiety and helps ensure you don’t come home to any messes. Dogs are walked 1–2 times a day, One to five times a week according to your needs for one hour at a time.

We have the experience to provide your buddy a great outdoor experience, even if you aren’t around! We are a pretty good second place next to you! Precious Pets Petsitting have taken the time to know the mind of K-9s. Precautions are always taken to be absolutely sure your pet is safe while in our care. We strive to fit your schedule and are flexible with our time. We are licensed and bonded for the sake of you and your pet.

If weather is extremely cold, your pet will be taken to Precious Pets huge indoor play area for exercise.