Treat your Pet to a Sleepover

Treat your Pet to a Sleepover

Bring your dog or cat for an overnight stay at Precious Pets Petsitting

When you need to get out of town but can’t take your pet with you, where do you go? Precious Pets Petsitting, that’s where! We offer pet boarding and sleepovers for dogs and cats. Book an appointment with us and bring along the food, treats and medication your pet will need during their visit. Leave their beds, dishes and toys at home – we have plenty of those around. We can even pick up and drop off your pet for an extra $5 fee.

Call 406-647-6751 today to book a pet boarding appointment.

4 things to know about our pet boarding service

When you bring your pet to Precious Pets Petsitting for a sleepover, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. We accept dogs of all breeds and sizes, and some cats
  2. We do not accept aggressive dogs, and we prefer caring for spayed or neutered pets
  3. You must present your pet’s proof of vaccination before your pet can stay with us
  4. Our owner lives on the property, and you can call us at any time with your concerns

Trust Precious Pets Petsitting to care for your pet overnight.