How to Keep Your Home Gorgeous as a Dog Owner


Photo Credit: Unsplash


Dogs are wonderful additions to our families – they provide companionship, endless love, and keep us healthy and active. That being said, dogs can wreak havoc on the cleanliness and organization of our homes. If you want to keep your home breathtakingly gorgeous while having a dog, keep reading.


Prepare Your Doorway

When dogs come inside after a particularly muddy or wet walk, you want to make sure you tackle the mess before it transfers to your floor or furniture. Consider keeping a few key items at your door, such as a towel, water basin, and absorbent mat. You might also consider having a hose installed in your front yard to help your pup rinse off after a messy adventure. If you keep a water dish by your door, ensure it is placed over a rubber mat to avoid spillage.


Invest in a Good Vacuum

Frequent vacuuming can help limit the amount of dog hair on floors, chairs, and sofas. Most vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up dust and dirt rather than pet hair. Because of this, consider investing in a vacuum specially designed to pick up pet hair. While researching potential vacuum brands, keep in mind that you will be vacuuming frequently and will need a light-weight model. The Eufy HomeVac, Hoover UH30010COM Platinum Collection, and the Dyson V8 Absolute are three of the best lightweight vacuums specially designed to remove pet hair. A lightweight vacuum with a low hassle-factor is by far one of the best investments you can make as a pet owner – it will help you say yes to quick spot cleaning!


Stay on Top of Grooming

If you have a long-haired pup, you probably already know the importance of grooming for keeping your home clean. All dogs shed fur in one way or another, so it’s important to stay on top of baths and brushing. When your dog’s fur is clean, your floors, furniture, and bedding will be too. In addition, remember to keep your dog’s nails well manicured. Long nails can scratch floors, rip carpets, and damage both leather and fabric sofas.


Consider a Sofa Revamp

If you are finding yourself cleaning your sofa each day, it might be time for a revamp. For example, a beige suede couch will show every little water stain, dirt mark, and paw print. Look for dog-proof furniture that will help limit your cleaning time. Take into account your dog’s coloring, fur type, and natural nail length. For example, if you have a black labrador retriever with short nails, a leather sofa might be perfect. For the proud parent of a brindle pitbull, a tightly-woven, light-brown/red sofa might be perfect. Alternatively, you can invest in a sofa cover or plush doggy bed.


Keep the Right Supplies

While there are numerous preventative measures to limit dog-related mess, doggy disasters sometimes happen. When they do, be sure you have the right tools on hand to address the issue immediately. If you pup leaves a urine stain, be sure to tackle it immediately to avoid stains and odor. Start by dabbing the stain with a clean cloth to absorb the moisture. Next, mix dish soap with warm water, apply it to the area, and continue to blot until the stain is gone. If the spot is still there, consider spraying it with a stain-removing product. Let the remover soak in, and then gently wipe with a damp cloth. If you are worried about water stains, use a fan or a hair dryer to help remove moisture. And listen – there’s no shame in seeking some outside assistance every now and again for an extra deep clean.


Having a dog doesn’t have to lead to a messy, unkempt home. If you want to keep your home gorgeous and have a dog, consider following some of the tips above.